My name is Renat Ghoste and I am 20 years old, of which 2 years I have been developing in the crypto industry. During all this time, I have tried work from content creator to community manager and have gained a large base of contacts and teams to work together.
At the moment I live in Norway but I have a lot of language skills:
  • Russian ( Native )
  • Norwegian ( Fluent )
  • English ( Basic )
  • Latvian ( Basic )
  • Sweden ( Basic )

How can I help you?

It’s no longer up to me, it’s up to me, but to the team because I’m a multifunctional person who can do technical documents on a gitbook and also moderate the community.

Why do I want to become an ambassador?

If the program consists of close contact with the team and the creation of a community, then I am not opposed to joining and becoming part of the project, because it is people like me who are ready to work for the idea of the project and develop it with all their might.


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